Faculty of Engineering Researchers Awarded Funding from Israel Innovation Authority

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August 27, 2017.

For the fourth year the Israel Innovation Authority has awarded researchers at Bar-Ilan University’s Faculty of Engineering NIS 1.3 million for the development of innovative technologies for improving the performance of silicon chips. Additionally, the System on Chip (SOC) lab established at Bar-Ilan in the framework of the lab has been budgeted for approximately NIS 2.27 million to finance the development of a chip in advanced production technology. The project is intended to increase the competitiveness of Israeli companies in the field of chips and systems based upon them.

The “HiPer” Consortium is a multi-year project of the Israel Innovation Authority’s Generic Research and Technological Development Program, which combines the Israeli high-tech industry with academic groups to promote high-performance system-on-chip design. Since its establishment three years ago, the consortium has produced significant technological achievements that constitute a solid basis for its continued activity.

The “HiPer” Consortium covers a broad spectrum of topics: multi-processor systems, advanced memories, power reduction technologies, planning methodologies, and more.
The total amount of NIS 1,269,140 allocated for Bar-Ilan University is divided among four leading researchers in their fields: Dr. Adam Teman, Prof. Alex Fish, Prof. Yossi Shur, and Prof. Shmuel Wimar.

The SOC lab provides a unique infrastructure of engineering knowledge, advanced planning tools and sophisticated testing equipment that enable researchers and companies in the consortium to access, implement, test and characterize developments on complex chips using advanced production technologies. The lab works closely with strategic partners in industry in the fields of design, IP, manufacturing, and more. The lab’s first 28nm technology project was successfully completed.

The Generic Research and Technological Development Program is a government initiative that focuses on strengthening Israeli industry by financing research and development partnerships between commercial companies and academic research teams, with the goal of developing new technologies in various fields. All of the Program’s research projects take three to five years, and the Innovation Authority finances 80% of them. The remainder is funded by industrial companies participating in the consortium.

The consortium includes representatives from the following companies: CEVA, Mellanox, Autotalks, DSPG and teams from Israel’s leading research centers: Ben-Gurion University, the Technion, Tel Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University.

All members of the consortium work in full cooperation. Each contributes its share to development by contributing important information derived from its specific expertise. Technical forums in various fields of planning enable knowledge sharing and cooperation between experts. The consortium convenes once a month and each specific research group conducts independent meetings as needed.

Fundraising for the Generic Research and Technological Development Program (for Bar-Ilan University) is conducted by BIRAD Research and Development Company Ltd. BIRAD is a wholly-owned company of Bar-Ilan University, which promotes the commercialization of innovative technologies invented by university researchers, and encourages scientists to advance and expand their research with an eye toward applied and industrial applications.

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