ContinUse Biometrics Israel wins prestigious Photonics Award

BIRAD - Research and Development Co. Ltd

Company recognized for its development of a biometric sensing system that detects biomedical parameters from a distance without human contact

Israeli startup company ContinUse Biometrics has “won the gold” with its groundbreaking technological development of anoptical sensing system (sensory camera). ContinUse was the overall winner of the second biannual Startup Challenge at the LASER World of Photonics expo in Munich. Winners received monetary prizes as well as promotional support.

ContinUse Biometrics was founded by CEO Asher Polani with assistance from Bar-Ilan University’s BIRAD Research and Development Company Ltd., which promotes the commercialization of innovative technologies invented by university researchers, and encourages scientists to advance and expand their research with an eye toward industrial applications.

The Award assists startups in bringing breakthrough applications in photonics to the marketplace. The competition invited start-ups in the European technology community, who are no older than five years old, and have at least one available prototype ready to submit their solution by June 7, 2017.
The Startup Challenge was judged by a panel of industry experts, and awards were presented by various representatives of industry, Messe München, and AZO, a Bavarian hub of Germany’s aerospace industry. ContinUse won first place and was selected from among dozens of applicants.
Startup Challenge was judged by a panel of industry of expThe Startup Challenge was judged by a panel of industry experts, and awards were presented by various representatives of industry, Messe München, and AZO, a Bavarian hub of Germany’s aerospace industry.
ContinUse Biometrics has developed a laser-based detector and a camera that accurately identifies nanometric movements from afar. Once the sensor is placed on the subject, precise physiological data can be obtained, according to Eran Hochstadter, director of the company’s business division. Hochstadter was among five presenters whose companies reached the finals in the competition. ContinUsefocuses on the health field in general and preventive medicine in particular– for use in the home, the vehicle, the workplace and the clinic, — and its products will enable ongoing monitoring of vital indicators and patients suffering from chronic diseases such as heart disease, respiratory diseases, and more.

This product is ideal for senior citizens by virtue of the fact that it transfers medical care from the doctor’s office to the home environment and alerts medical professionals if any of the readings change. The doctor receives all the readings remotely and instructs the the patient on what to do. This Telemedicine platform has the potential to minimize visits to clinics and/or hospitalization, while monitoring the patient in a comfortable, non-contact environment and increasing the level of service.

The detector is based on the development of Bar-Ilan University engineering Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, Chief Technology Officer of ContinUse Biometrics and , the inventor of the Optophone The detector identifies several groups of physiological parameters including vital signs such as heart rate, breathing and blood pressure; allows for listening to heart and breathing sounds (much like a stethoscope); identifies changes in peripheral blood flow patterns; identifies hematologic parameters; identifies people according to their heart tone; and provides muscle and bone measurements including changes in muscle tone and detection of fractures. All measurements are conducted remotely, with no human contact.

The response of medical markets to this development was most enthusiastic, and the business potential is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition, the company plans to activate the sensor in clinics and operating rooms. In this framework, the company will perform several hospital clinical trials over the coming year.

For further information, contact: Merav Burstein, BIRAD Research and Development Company Ltd., 077-3643534, 052-2229330, [email protected]

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