Liquid going into test tube

The Problem Color generation is commonly pigmentation related, and its pixel size is limited to a few and up to tens of microns, two orders of magnitude larger than the diffraction limit in the visible range. Colors can also be generated via interference processes in photonic crystals and in plasmonic sub-wavelength structures. Plasmonic color generators…

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Surface Engineering & Disaggregation Features of Strong Hardness Chemically Stable Nanodiamonds

Closeup of chemical bond

The Problem The two major pain points of fully bio-compatible non-toxic carbon-based mechanically hard 4-10 nm-sized nanomaterials (nanodiamonds-NDs) are their high reaction times and their extreme-sized methodologies. These two lead to very difficult surface-functionalizing in a versatile manner for a wide range of full various domains applications. The Solution Our innovation successfully discovered that extremely…

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Novel 3d Photo-thermal Printing of Metals & Composites

The Problem While 3D printing of polymeric materials is prevalent, metals are indispensable for structural support, heat dissipation, and electrical conductivity. Extensive research to allow additive manufacturing (AM) of metals has resulted in a range of techniques, the most established of them are selective laser melting (SLM), electron beam melting (EBM), and metal inkjet printing.…

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Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infections with Nano-particles Capped with Functional Groups

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The Problem Viral infections continuously take place and pose major public health threats; yet, their prevention and treatment modalities are limited while emerging resistant viruses call for the development of alternative treatments. The Solution We developed a novel approach for the prevention and treatment of infections caused by viruses which attach cells via heparan sulfate binding,…

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A Novel Encapsulated Stabilized Vitamin A (Retinoic Acid) for Cosmetic Applications

woman with arrows pointing to different parts of her face

The Problem All-trans retinoic acid, the most active form of vitamin A, is known to be highly beneficial in dermatology and other biomedical applications. However, all-trans retinoic acid is extremely sensitive when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, due to the conjugated double bonds that comprise its chemical structure. The Solution Our cutting-edge invention is a nano/micron-sized…

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Leading, Innovative Anti-Microbial Coating

Surgeons looking over a patient

The Problem The presence of microbial contamination of surfaces poses a serious problem from the point of view of health protection. There is a growing market demand to improve effectivity, safety, endurance, and cost of anti-microbial coating. The Solution We propose a novel bio-inspired nanocapsule that can firmly attach to any surface and kill encapsulated bacteria.…

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