BIRAD - Research and Development Co. Ltd

BIRAD and the Research Authority actively reach out to faculty to encourage disclosures of new innovations. The disclosure is a written statement outlining the new innovation and documenting the circumstances of its development.

The disclosure also identifies potential applications and which companies may be interested in licensing the IP if known. Forms can be found on the Research Authority Websites.

The disclosure form helps to begin the process of evaluating the technology transfer potential for the

Intellectual property and complies with the obligations of BIU.

Please note that “Disclosure” form does not, by itself, protect the intellectual property. Only a patent or a copyright can do that. In addition, disclosure to Research Authority is confidential; it is not a public disclosure. A disclosure to someone outside the University is a public disclosure, unless you sign a confidentiality agreement, which can be obtained through Birad offices.

Screening Evaluation/ Assessment

Through the screening review process, the decision is made whether or not to pursue Commercialization efforts for a technology.

Within six to eight weeks of receiving a disclosure, BIRAD staff completes a business case analysis, called a screening evaluation, with a recommended course of action on commercialization. The results of the screening evaluation, which includes an analysis of where the technology fits in the marketplace and research into possible licensees, are then shared with the inventors.

Patenting Decisions
Market Assessment
Release/Return (Assign) to Inventor