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Bar-Ilan University Hosts Conference for Managers of Scientific Infrastructure Centers in Israel

13 Aug 2023

Significant Milestone Reached in Shaping the Future of Research Infrastructures Bar-Ilan University, Israel – Bar-Ilan University played host this week to the inaugural conference for managers of scientific infrastructure centers in Israel, marking a momentous occasion in advancing research infrastructures within the country. Organized by Bar-Ilan University’s Kanbar Center for Scientific Instrumentation, the conference gathered…

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Hadassah Medical Organization and Bar-Ilan University Collaborate with Immix BioPharma for the Further Development and Commercialization of Next-Generation CAR-T Therapy

16 Jan 2023

HBI0101, anti-BCMA CAR-T cells, showed 90% overall response rate in ongoing Phase 1b clinical trial with 50 relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma patients HBI0101 also demonstrated 100% overall response rate in 6 relapsed/refractory AL Amyloidosis patients Jerusalem & Ramat Gan, Israel – January 4, 2023 – Hadasit, the Innovation Engine of Hadassah Medical Organization and BIRAD, the…

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Bar-Ilan Technology in Space

11 Apr 2022

On April 6, the “Rakia” mission will head for space with technology to test vision in microgravity A digital vision test designed by Bar-Ilan University researchers Prof. Uri Polat and Prof. Yossi Mandel, together with Dr. Eran Schenker, Chief Medical Innovation Officer at the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute, will be one of the scientific experiments…

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BIU, Doral Group Enter Strategic Collaboration

27 Feb 2022

Bar-Ilan University and Doral Group, an entrepreneurial company in the field of renewable energy, have signed a series of agreements for strategic collaboration. Doral will become a member of Bar-Ilan’s Energy and Sustainability Center, and the entities will work to promote research, development, and commercialization of several issues, as well as identify and realize joint…

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New Greentech Start-Up, Refhuel, to develop reversible fuel cell technology

20 Feb 2022

New business is the result of a partnership agreement between prominent Israeli University  Bar-Ilan and Decama Capital subsidiary Refhuel.Technology, in Sustainable Energy Storage , is developed by a leading expert in fuel cells. A new business, Refhuel, which will focus on reversible fuel cell technology launches today. It’s the result of a license agreement signed…

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AVVIR launches IN-EX air filters to protect commuters and drivers against COVID-19 and other airborne viruses

29 Dec 2021

By turning A/C systems into an advanced air purifier, AVVIR in collaboration with scientists at Bar-Ilan University, makes travel safer with an easily-implementable, cost-efficient, and scientifically-proven filtration solution Israel, December 2021 — AVVIR, the innovation division of A.L. Group, a leading provider of advanced filtration solutions, launches IN-EX, a medical-grade, scientifically-proven solution for indoor air safety. The IN-EX…

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Prof. Lindell’s Startup Makes an Exit

06 Dec 2021

Prof. Lindell’s Startup Makes an Exit Birad congratulates Prof. Yehuda Lindel and Unbound Tech on the acquisition of the American crypto giant Coinbase Global, Inc. Unbound Tech is on the list of companies that grew up in Birad – Research and Development Company serving as the commercializing arm of Bar-Ilan University. Following the acquisition of…

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24 Oct 2021

New treatment approach combines biology with artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify molecules used to attack and degrade protein expressed in blood cancer cells Researchers at Bar-Ilan University have revealed a novel treatment approach in the fight against hematologic cancers.  The new method, developed by Prof. Mira Barda-Saad and her research team from the…

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The Fountain of Youth

13 Jun 2021

Discover How to Live a Healthier Life by 30 Percent Researchers discover mechanism that may extend healthy life by 30 percent Aging is associated with an overall decline in health and increased frailty, and is a major risk factor for multiple chronic diseases. Frailty syndrome, characterized by weakness, fatigue and low physical activity, affects more…

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