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Almost all of the books discussing business entrepreneurship and topics such as transferring patents from paper to manufacturing, the various approaches to ‘commercialization of ideas’, or describing the huge success of an entrepreneur that made it, use as an example the successful entrepreneur  who succeeded against all odds. Most of these books say that if the entrepreneur operates in a certain manner, as recommended in the book, his success is guaranteed. The viewpoint I wish to bring in this blog is entirely different...


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Technology Innovation is the basis of competitive advantage, and Bar-Ilan University is a natural breeding ground for innovation. BIRAD’s vision is to manage Bar-Ilan University’s intellectual property assets for the public good. We believe that innovation has the potential to transform industries, maximize the impact of new knowledge resulting from University research and discovery and to create tremendous economic and social value.


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Welcome to the BIRAD’s news. Our news  Section will give us a unique opportunity to share news and updates, while also offering a place for us to interact with our community. If you’re wondering what you can expect from the content you find on our news  Section, and how the information here differs from the information you may find on our website, read on.

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