AVVIR launches IN-EX air filters to protect commuters and drivers against COVID-19 and other airborne viruses

Gedanken Aharon prof

By turning A/C systems into an advanced air purifier, AVVIR in collaboration with scientists at Bar-Ilan University, makes travel safer with an easily-implementable, cost-efficient, and scientifically-proven filtration solution

Israel, December 2021 — AVVIR, the innovation division of A.L. Group, a leading provider of advanced filtration solutions, launches IN-EX, a medical-grade, scientifically-proven solution for indoor air safety. The IN-EX solution, which was recently included in the 2021 Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry by the International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), leverages a unique sonochemical-coating technology to convert any air filter into a machine for killing viruses and bacteria.

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) alongside social distancing has helped limit COVID-19’s spread, but many commuters are exposed to the virus every day. In June, the Centers for Control and Disease Prevention confirmed “travel increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19.” Naturally, around half of U.S. commuters are using public transit services less frequently as a consequence of the pandemic, according to a survey by Moovit. In order to reinstitute public confidence, indoor air quality has been circled as an area of the utmost priority. And because improving IAQ relies on both increasing the amount of outside air brought in alongside cleaning the air that is recirculated, filtration systems which efficiently reduce particles can prove a critical layer of insurance for purifying the air of tomorrow’s commuters. 

By meeting the challenges of the issue head-on, the A.L. Group has developed and launched IN-EX, the first scientifically-proven indoor air quality solution. IN-EX is an easy-to-install cabin air filter which transforms your air conditioning unit into an active air purifier, applicable for cars, buses, and even houses. Jointly developed with a team of scientists led by Bar-Ilan University Department of Chemistry’s Aharon Gedanken and Ilana Perelshtein, the filter coating utilizes a unique and patented sonochemical technology, which initiates a chemical reaction with ultrasonic energy. The agreement between A.L. Group and Bar-Ilan University was carried out by Birad, a research and development company serving as the commercializing arm of Bar-Ilan University.

Tested in third-party laboratories, this advanced technology, which is often utilized in the medical industry, has proven to be 99.15 % efficient against Sars-Cov2 (coronavirus), influenza, and other airborne viruses. The filter is not only water-resistant and incredibly durable, managing to withstand high temperatures and intense air flow, but it also curtails bad odors born out of bacterial growth. 

After activation, it would take 30-40 seconds for a small-to-midsize vehicle using IN-EX to be deemed to have safe air to breathe. The filter is simple to use, easy to assemble or replace, and does not require a power source. It is also manufactured using natural, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient materials. It can be combined with additional filter layers such as carbon or HEPA to help create a multifunctional cabin filter. For both automotive and indoor spaces, IN-EX’s solution has a wide applicability to help transform hesitant passengers into content, clean, and safely-protected travelers. 

“Being confident in the air you breathe has become a rare commodity for indoor spaces today, and that fear has come to represent one of our biggest departures from normalcy,” says Miri Kaufman, AVVIR Executive. “So we’re incredibly excited to launch an air filtration solution that is simple, cost-effective, scientifically-proven, and has a serious capacity to revitalize the way we commute, engage, and interact in our daily lives.”

“With what started as a hypothetical approach to explore how a group of chemists would go about improving air quality, we now find ourselves launching a solution with a legitimate shot at returning everyone their peace of mind,” says Professor Aharon Gedanken. “With the help of scientists at Bar-Ilan, the development of a unique and patented sonochemical coating technology has been instrumental for IN-EX.” 

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