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We are delighted to announce an upcoming joint research project between Growor Inc. and The Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan University entitled “ Automated Control Modules for Indoor Growth of Pharmacological Grade Crop Plants” - Cooperation between the parties was orchestrated by BIRAD-Research and Development Company Ltd. Growing crops indoors, especially medicinal crops, require a precisely controlled growing environment.

Computer-driven algorithms were developed by Growor, which automatically control plant nutrition and Multispectral illumination of the plants that allow rapid plant growth and high yield of medicinal products.

Growor’s CSO, Dr Naish and Bar Ilan experts in Prof. Yigal Cohen’s laboratory joined together to examine and improve such advanced methods and design unique growing protocols based on the state of the art equipment with automated solutions based on online feedback from multiple monitoring devices Growor has developed.

Grower and Bar Ilan objective is to standardize the patented Growor’s growing protocols of root nutrition and lighting regimes by introducing innovative cultivation technologies over the growing season.

the protocol shall guarantee repeatability of yield volumes and pharmacological quality, both essential for pharmaceutical-grade plant production.