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The energies you bring into your life are those that can contribute to your success. These energies are all around you and you just need to gather, accumulate and pack them into yourself in as large amounts as possible. On the way you must filter out and get rid of the disappointments, the failures and the hardships as well as all of the negative energy. The one who actually brings success into the life of an entrepreneur (and to any person, not necessarily a businessperson) is themselves. Not lucky charms, not spells, not a horseshoe nor a rabbit’s-foot and not a four-leaf clover – it is the person who produces the luck from themselves, who extracts it from within.

People who are angry at the world will always blame others for their own failures. People who are disgruntled or negative actually invite their own failure. They have all of the excuses for not succeeding, or for failing, prepared in advance. They can be successful entrepreneurs or businesspeople only when they are promised a bright future and the promise is kept. They function well only on a streak of successes and wins. In situations of crisis, failure, mistake, ruin, error or loss – they can cause a total deterioration of the organization or business.

The only place where you can find success before work, and especially before hard work, is in the dictionary. In day-to-day reality only a few people have succeeded without working hard first, and most of these inherited a huge empire or a large fortune from a rich uncle (or won the lottery). All of the rest have to work. And only after many years of hard work – and many small failures along the way – does success arrive. That is the true power of positive thinking.

Thus I believe that the question whether you are feeling lucky or not is irrelevant. In life in general, and in business life in particular, you cannot rely solely on luck. Instead you must work in a focused, organized and calculated fashion. You must aim to achieve results. The goddess of luck will not shine on a person that has not worked hard – even if that person inherited money from a wealthy uncle or millionaire father. The goddess of luck visits mainly those who work in an organized and efficient manner over time. The prospects these people have for success (and again, in life in general, not just in the field of entrepreneurship) are the highest.

Success is linked to the personal ability of any person, thus the potential of success exists in each and every one of us. Since it has nothing to do with luck or winning a raffle of some sort, the road to success is open to everyone. Some people may need to work harder than others to achieve it, but that is always true. There are students who in order to succeed must go over and over the material and there are students that comprehend it easily and can immediately answer the most difficult questions.

There are businesses in which success comes quick and relatively easily (supposedly) and there are businesses that succeed only after years of exhausting work. Even in personal life there are people who obtain money very easily (inheritance, wealthy family, successful family business), while others sweat for many years and are at their last breath by the time they see success.

By the way, sometimes you cannot predict who will succeed most or do it faster, whether financially or spiritually. Sometimes a person receives a successful factory on a silver platter and takes it to total bankruptcy. On the other hand, sometimes an ambitious person who believes in their vision succeeds against all odds, even if their work is paved with dud attempts, failures and disappointments.

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Dr. Tsvika Ben-Porat

Dr. Ben Porat is an experienced veteran of Israel’s high-tech. He was the CTO of Ness Technologies (formerly traded on NASDAQ: NSTC), Founder of dbMotion (Sold to AllScript for $235MM). He was the CEO of Maayan Ventures, the largest technology incubator in Israel (taken public on the TASE) and the CEO of Jerusalem Technology Investment Ltd. (JTI) (Traded on the TASE). Dr. Ben Porat holds a Ph.D. in physics from Ben-Gurion University as well as a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Ben-Gurion University. He served in the Israeli Air Force