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The Problem: Optical fibers serve as an excellent sensing platform. In distributed analysis protocols, a parameter of interest is mapped ...
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Hierarchic Beamforming with Limited Feedback Between Remote Radio Heads and Baseband-Unit Pool

The Problem Joint transmission (JT), in which adjacent transmitters, coordinate their transmission jointly to form a cluster which serves several ...
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Reduced Overhead Feedback Scheme
For Interference Mitigation In Cellular Networks

The Problem The continuing increase in data transportation presents a major technological challenge to the wireless communications industry due to ...
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Silicon Photonics STED Plasma Dispersion Effect Super-Resolved Imaging in Silicon

The Problem The silicon industry is currently heading toward 10 nm technology in integrated circuits. Promoting this market trend is ...
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Novel Transistor Gain Cell With Feedback

The Problem Embedded memories, typically implemented with a 6T SRAM bitcell consume an ever-growing share of the total silicon area ...
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Novel High-Density Memory Macro

The Problem Due to the growing demand for high-density embedded memories in modern microprocessors and other VLSI Systemon- Chip (SoC) ...
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colorful zoomed macro random - access memory (RAM)

Gain Cell Embedded Dram In Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator Technology

The Problem As technology dimensions continue to scale down, high-density embedded memories are of great interest for many VLSI systems. ...
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Cutting-Edge Complementary Dual Modular Redundancy Memory Cell

The Problem Embedded memories are often operated at scaled supply voltages in order to reduce their power consumption. However, a ...
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